Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

- C.S. Lewis

Our relationship as a team began when we were co-workers in another company.  When you work for someone else, you have little power to change the conflicts of interest and unaligned priorities that can arise.  As various circumstances led to each one of us choosing to leave our employer, we found ourselves brought together by a new opportunity and a desire to start a company where loyalty is owed only to the client.

As Integrity Capital Management began to form, we soon recognized that in addition to our financial planning and investment experience, each one of us contributed different and critical strengths to our business – operations, marketing, information technology and research. Most importantly, we shared the same sense of values, and we have created a company where work and family life are kept in balance.

The only way you can truly do the right thing as a financial advisor is to put your clients’ interests before your own.  It sounds like stating the obvious, but in a financial industry fraught with negligence and fraud, it’s rare to find investment firms who hold true to that principle.  That’s why we committed from the inception of ICM to hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of ethics in our industry – the role of fiduciary.  We hold people’s future well-being in our hands, and we don’t take lightly the trust they place in our abilities.

While growth is important to any company, we will not sacrifice the close, personal relationships we build with our clients for more profit.  We want to work with individuals and businesses who appreciate the significance of both our expertise and values.